First Internship (Jupiter Island Club)

I have been accepted as an Intern at Jupiter Island Club in Hobe Sound Florida. My internship starts on Dec. 15th 2010, and runs until April 26th 2011. I will be posting about all of my times and experience under the category of “Jupiter Island Club” I have also created a list of goals for myself while I am on internship and should you want to read them they can be found under “Goals for Jupiter Island Club“. As part of my Internship for NECI I created a virtual tour of the club so click here for the links to the completed tour and my adventures.

*NOTE: The post that I make on this blog do not reflect the views or opinion of the clubs members or it’s management. These post have not been review or approved by the club. These post and my comments are solely mine and in no way represent the clubs position, or strategies.

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