Goals for Jupiter Island Club

Below are my goals that I have set for myself while on Internship at Jupiter Island Club. They are listed in to 3 categories.


1.       I will write a post on my E-portfolio 3 times a week to reflect and reinforce what I have learned.

2.       I would like to work on my communication skills as a professional, learning how to approach situations, and how decisions are made on the line in a split second. I will work with my chef in our feedback times and talk over kitchen management skills to improve my decision-making. I will keep a notebook of these conversations and decisions made to reference back and aid in my kitchen management development.

3.       My third goal is to work on my perceived kitchen presence, learning how to integrate into a kitchen smoothly.  I will ask my chef for bi-monthly feedback so that I may adjust and work to improve my kitchen awareness, and presence.


1.       To keep track daily of how long it takes me to complete my prep list, so that I can track my efficiency, and my improvement. I will also note areas that take longer so that I can work on improving my efficiency with these areas.

2.       I will create a personal list each day of internship and personal tasks, to help myself with organization, and to make certain that I have completed everything and that I stay on track with my goals.

3.       I will set aside an hour a day to focus on my online class work so that I can balance internship work and school assignments.


1.       To work with my internship chef once per week discussing why a recipe sells so well, to increases my understanding of taste and flavor parings, as well as menu creation, so that I can develop my own repertoire of  recipes.

2.       Each week I will pick a knife cut and spend one hour a day on practicing that knife cut so that I can increases my speed and proficiency with that particular knife cut. I will rotate through all of the knife cuts before repeating my practice with a knife cut.

3.       I will spend an hour a day reading over recipes and station layouts of the kitchen I’m in, to reinforce the need to progress, and help me have a better understanding of what I can be move forward to.

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