Bacholors of Culinary Arts Internship (Amangiri)

At the start of Mod 5 I attended and worked at the NECI Career Fair. Just like the last career fair I checked people in and helped set up the event. I really like doing this because it gives me a chance to talk with the internship sites throughout the day and get to know them at little bit better then the few minutes I would gt to talk with them while just attending. I actually meet two sites that I was considering for an internship, but in the end a Chef with nothing but pictures he printed off at the local copy shop that morning from Amangiri was the one who sold me. I decided to go to Amangiri because it is a high end luxury resort with an open kitchen that gives me the opportunity to travel, both as a paid vacation benefit and as career moves. Amangiri Is in Southern Utah and I will more then likely be living in Page AZ.I will be starting at Amangiri on July 13, 2012 and as of now do not have a set end date, but NECI requires at least 9 months for this final internship as I am also taking 3 online classes. Please Check our my GOALS page for Amangiri for my own personal goals that I want to work on and accomplish while I am on my internship.

Lastly I have a review of Amangiri posted below this for everyone to enjoy!

From the editors of Condé Nast Traveler:

Sometimes it’s difficult to see what’s right before your eyes, especially when it’s what you’re looking for. Such is the case, by design, with Amangiri, which hides in plain sight amid the sandstone mesas and sagebrush-studded emptiness of southern Utah. With rooms costing upwards of $1,000, there’s a certain expectation of opulence. But the only grand gesture here is the one nature makes, which is both framed and reflected by the property. The main pavilion and 34 freestanding suites are arrayed like a poured-concrete sculpture along the desert floor, their smooth gray walls and blocky shapes mirroring the mesas. Bedrooms are compact and pared down to the essentials: A desk, a bed, and a low couch are all set on a pale-stone platform facing a wall of concertina windows that open up completely to the outside. Bathrooms are large and sybaritic, with rain showers, deep soaking tubs, and sweeping views of the rock walls. Yes, there’s a beautiful spa, a stunning pool, and meals to remember, as well as guided excursions ranging from hikes to scenic flights. But what really stands out is the endearing staff, who make you believe that their sole goal is your unmitigated happiness. In the end, that’s the genius of the place: You’re never aware of where nature ends and nurture begins.—2010 Hot List

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