Goals for Amangiri

The below goals are the ones that I have set for myself when I start at Amangiri. As before they are listed in three categories…


  • I would like to work on my communication skills as a professional, learning how to approach situations, and how decisions are made on the line in a split second. I will work with my chef in our feedback times and talk over the kitchen management skills I learned in class to improve my decision making. I will keep a notebook of these conversations and decisions made to reference back and aid in my kitchen management development.
  • My second goal is to work on my perceived kitchen presence, learning how to integrate into a kitchen smoothly.  I will ask my chef for bi-monthly feedback so that I may adjust and work to improve my kitchen awareness, and presence.
  • I will use the skills and ideas that I was taught at NECI to work on my leadership both in the kitchen and when working with front of house staff. This will be relevant because Amangiri uses an open kitchen so understanding the front of house numbers like table count and door waits are important to help the restaurant run smoothly.


  • I will use the tools that I have made for myself in classes at NECI to help me better understand inventory management. I also would like to spend time with my chef to learn how Amangiri handles their inventory management, in both ordering and receiving product.
  • I would like to be included in the menu and special’s developed process so that I can further my understanding of menu engineering, and composition. This will help me build on my collection of recipes and also give me more training in inventory control and food cost budgeting.
  • I would like to take advantage of any kitchen/ restaurant management training that is offered at Amangiri, this way I can work on my overall leadership skills. I will ask my chef for feedback and training opportunities and keep a notebook of both the feedback I receive and the training I receive.


  • I will work on keeping my station and myself clean and sanitary. This will be important because of working in an open kitchen I will need to keep my work area and myself clean. This can be measured by how long it takes me to clean up after each shift and the appearance of my uniform at the end of each day.
  • I will reflect on each day and how I have improved my skills that I learned at NECI. This can be measured by how long it takes me to set up my station and how quickly I complete my prep work each day. Keeping a notebook about how long it takes to complete these tasks and improving my kitchen awareness will all help me improve and gain both speed and precision.
  • To further my understanding of new products I will spend time reading and researching the items on the menu that I have not worked with before. In order to improve my understanding of products and the uses they have I will ask my chef for different ways besides how we are serving it that the ingredient could be used, and how he has used it in the past.

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