NECI Student Ambassador

Welcome to NECI, I’ll be your Student Ambassador for the day. I am NECI’s student liaison to the public, sadly no I don’t have diplomatic immunity… What I do have is a little gold pin to wear on my chef coat that lets everyone know I am an ambassador. What do I do as an ambassador is a great question. Firstly I give tours but we will talk about that more later on. Secondly I help out around the school when I can. I have done things like give demo’s help out with both new and returning student orientations, I also helped out set up and direct students with both the career fairs. I don’t stop war’s or negotiate peace between the baking and pastry departments I don’t have that kind of power. Truth be told I don’t have any power at all, with the exception that they let me lead tours….

Yes I am one of the people here at school that will be happy to give you a tour of the school. I am not going to give you a normal college tour however because I am not trying to sell NECI to you. what I am trying to do is give you a realistic viewpoint of what life here at NECI is like. Feel free to ask me anything you can think of, I’m not shy and after giving tours for almost 3 years I don’t think you will be able to stump me. Ask anything you can think even if it is “how does NECI conspire to CIA” and I will tell you the truth. I really do love going to school here and I have a lot of fun but I know that NECI is not the best fit for everyone so I will tell you to go look at other schools. If/when you decide to come to NECI I want to know that I have not painted you a pretty picture but run you through the gambit and you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. I’m going to take you all over campus, and the town of Montpelier.  I will show you the secret door at National Life that takes you into the kitchens. We will stop for snacks and goodies at La Brioche, and you can see what it is like to be inside the fish bowl… You will see the dark corners of Dewey Cafeteria where we butcher meat, and make lunch for students. Lastly you will be treated to a “Taste of NECI” where student’s currently in the Catering and Banquets class server and prepare small items for you to eat while you talk with them or any faculty members that plan on join us for the lunch.

Now you want to be an Ambassador to right? Well sadly you can’t be, at least not at first because you have to be a Mod 2 student before you can become one. This is also not a position that you can apply for but instead have to be nominated for by the teachers you have in Mod 1. Things to keep in mind are that Ambassadors are the representation of the students to the outside world so we have to be good students, this means that we can’t get into trouble…. remember that lack of diplomatic immunity….If you want to be an Ambassador then try hard in your Mod 1 classes, study and try to be a part of the community and you just might be given the gold pin.


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