Student Council

My time here at NECI has not been all classes and cooking. In fact one of the things that I have been able to do for the last two years is serve on the NECI Student Council. I like being on student council because I like being able to help make the school a better place for the students. As a member of student council I have helped put on school dances and parties. We where able to get eh gym open on Monday nights so that people could go play basketball. We where even able to get the vending machines fixed in the dorms so that they didn’t eat your quarters all the time.

Part of student council is also talking about the issues facing students, and trying to help them have a voice to the administration. I know of at least 4 different times that we had an open forum with administration to do just that. Sometimes things get changed and sometimes they don’t but if they don’t we know why they are not going to be changed and can at least tell the student’s why things are that way. Sadly student council is a thankless task because most of the students don’t think we do enough, or that we don’t do anything at all. This is not true but I will credit them that it is hard to get things done when you are changing the members of student council every 3 months as a new mod comes in and an old mod goes out. This is just the way of the school though.

Student Council is still a great way to voice your opinion even if you are not on the student council. The next time you see the e-mail asking people to run for student council, pay more attention to it and maybe even run. That problem your upset with could be fixed just by talking to the right people about it.



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