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The Craziness and How Classes Work

This is for all my friends and readers back home but also for any potential students who just want to know how classes and the terms work here at NECI.To start out you are going to be confused, and I am hoping to help you be less confused but the first time you see your schedule it is just that confusing. Starting out let me first explain the system starting with it’s over arching terms and going into the actual classes next.

Depending on your program, be it the Associate, or BA program you will be at NECI for 2 or 3 years respectfully. Your year will be broken in to two 6 months times, you residency (when you are on campus at NECI) and your non-residency (when you are on internship). There is a little bit more to both your residency and your internship months but I will be getting to both in order. To start out your residency time like I said is 6 months and this 6 months is broken down farther in to two 3 month long Mods. When you first arrive you will be in Mod1, 3, or 5 if you are in the BA program and attending NECI for 3 years. Using myself as the example I am now a Mod 2 and on my second 3 months in my first residency. I’m very close to starting my first internship, which is set for 6 months but you only have to complete 700 hours. Now working only 40 hours a week only takes 4 and a half months so you may not need the full 6 months.

Now down to the Mods and the classes, and this is where it get s little bit tricky as they will change each Mod. In Mods one and two,the only Mods I can speak about so far, you have a new class every 3 weeks and the last week is academic completion week. This last week is time for us to make up any classes that may have been missed before the next Mod starts. The last little bit of information is to know what Block you are in, as this will tell you when you will take what class.

That is it, I know that you will still be a little bit confused the first time you see a schedule but it does work out logically in the end.


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